Reimena Yee is a strange and fancy illustrator and storyteller, both visual and verbal


For our first four designs we created the sketches of the women and layouts, then had a graphic artist bid to clean them up and make them look professional. We love our first designs, but we always wanted an artist to create a design from start to finish. We looked at a lot of artists and decided on reaching out to Reimena Yee.

Reimena Yee created our newest design of Dr. Meg Urry. Her ability to say so much with so few lines is why we are so happy to work with her. Her designs are fun, whimsical and wonderful. Below you can read how Reimena describes herself!


Hailing from a dusty metropolis, Reimena Yee is a strange and fancy illustrator and storyteller, both visual and verbal. Her main interest is in learning about the history of humanity - whether through science, history, literature and religion - and in sharing these stories to the world at large, online or offline. She also likes to draw fun, pretty and magical pictures.

She is the artist and writer of the webcomics, The World in Deeper Inspection, The Carpet Merchant of Konstantiniyya, Loneliness and 2017: A Pictorial Letter to the New Year.

She has an art journal and travelogue, The Connoisseur Humanist.

Also she likes really long names, as you can tell by now.

She is happy to work on illustrations, games, concept art and just about anything you can imagine. She loves experimenting!

To find our more about Reimena Yee, visit her wonderful website at:

All images and descriptions are property of Reimena Yee and may not be used or distributed without the written consent of Reimena Yee