Dr. Ashanti Johnson

Ph.D. Oceanography, U.S. Presidential STEM Award

"Jump over those hurdles, climb those fences, do whatever you need to be. So once you get on the other side you can effect the change that you want."


Dr. Ashanti Johnson has not had the exposure of some of the other women in STEM so she is not as well known as she deserves to be. She is a geochemist and chemical oceanographer. Dr. Johnson is one of very few female African American chemical oceanographers in the world and the first ever African American of any gender to earn a doctoral degree in oceanography from Texas A&M University-Galveston. This by itself is quite an accomplishment. However Dr. Johnson has also devoted herself to STEM mentoring with a focus on inclusion for all. She has worked with to name a few NASA, charter schools and colleges.  Dr. Johnson has implemented so many STEM inclusion and mentorship programs that President Barrack Obama awarded her the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching.

I would personally like to thank Dr. Ashanti Johnson for her help with her design. It was a honor and pleasure to talk with her and gain insight into the world of women Doctorates. Dr. Johnson aslo took our designs to Cambodia and handed them out to students. She wore her own shirt to represent her fondness of the Violet STEAM Project while representing the US Department at a STEM conference in Indonesia. We were so honored and cannot thank her enough for this.

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