Dr. Temple Grandin

Ph.D Animal Sciences, World Famous Autism Spokesperson

"Kids need to be taught hard work; you will never get anywhere without hard work."


Dr. Temple Grandin has been a role model of mine for a long time. I have worked for over 14 years with autistic children and have family members who have autism.  When we first started this project my husband asked me if I could have a design of anyone who would that person be. It took me zero seconds to think of Temple Grandin. He found her contact information and I sent her an email. Within a week she responded and said she would be honored to be featured on a design. We sent her the design for her approval and she was so inspired by it she asked if I would call and discuss it with her. I was very excited and nervous to actually get to talk to one of my heros. The conversation was amazing. She told me she wanted kids to know that they have to work hard to get anywhere in life. She also insisted we use her famous "Different Not Less" quote on the design.

Dr. Temple Grandin is the worlds most famous autism spokesperson. She has a unique perspective on autism because she herself is autistic and did not speak until she was four years old. She has spoken at countless conferences on the the topic and given advice to thousands of people in the autistic community.

Dr. Grandin is also famous for her designs and innovations in the cattle industry.

If you would like more information on Dr. Grandin as well as where she will be speaking please visit her website at: http://www.templegrandin.com.

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